I have something to say about that…


Today we launched @NHSX. After lots of planning and staffing and talking with many of you about what’s needed — it’s finally a thing.

We talked today about our @NHSX missions:

  1. Reducing the burden on clinicians and staff, so they can focus on patients
  2. Giving people the tools to access information and services directly
  3. Ensuring clinical information can be safely accessed, wherever it is needed
  4. Aiding the improvement of patient safety across the NHS
  5. Improving NHS productivity with digital technology

You’ll be hearing about those a lot. They’re focusing much of our work.

We heard in London from @Liz_ORiordan, Dr Rupert Page, @VicRayner and @ClaireLSutton, and in Leeds from Julie Lindley, @PhilipCGleeson, @DigiBeteUK and @DrGarethThomas. Our panelists talked about their experiences and user needs that we can help with, as the system.

Speaking as patients, clinicians, digital transformers of social care, and health tech innovators — they helped us focus our thoughts on why we’re here: to make sure patients and staff have the tech they need.

We have lots left to do, so @NHSX can play the role we know it needs to play. But we took a big step today, launching the centre’s coordinated team to drive transformation. Looking fwd to working with many of you in local health & care, to help maximise your impact too.

This text was originally a twitter thread on @hadleybeeman.