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Announcing NHSX!

Bringing the culture, productivity, openness and constant iteration of the internet to the the way we approach NHS technology… Announcing @NHSX!

NHSX: new joint organisation for digital, data and technology (press notice)

The digital transformation of the NHS is the most important change we can make to the system. It will give us data to boost cancer survival rates; join up a patient’s journey across health and social care; give clinicians the tools they need so they can focus on the patient.

To do this we need a transformation on how tech is led in the NHS. The responsibility for tech, digital and data policy was split between numerous orgs and teams. We’ve all spent too much energy managing this complexity.

So we are creating @NHSX, a joint unit with powers and leadership from @DHSC, @NHSEngland, and @NHSImprovement, overseeing @NHSDigital. It will hold all the levers of technological policy, implementation and change.

NHSX can:

  • Engage the community to collaboratively develop standards
  • Help improve clinical care with agile, user-focused projects
  • Foster radical innovation across the NHS
  • Improve our common tech
  • Set cybersecurity & info governance to build trust and empower our users

This text was originally a twitter thread on @hadleybeeman.