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Data on the Web Best Practices — draft standard in Proposed Rec stage

For the past two years, we — the W3C Data on the Web working group — have been working on a standards document for publishing data on the web. Things like:

  • Provide descriptive metadata
  • Use machine-readable standardised data formats
  • Provide bulk download
  • Make data available through an API
  • Use web standards as the foundation for your API (REST etc)

The best practices aren’t especially groundbreaking — but just think, when you’re trying to use the data that an app or government has provided and this stuff is missing… Isn’t it frustrating?!?

We wanted to make sure the definitive guide to how to put data on the web was available for those who wanted to “do it right”.

So… a) for all of you developers. It’s out there. Enjoy.
b) for W3C members, the spec is in PR until 15 Jan 2017. Responses welcomed until then.

Best Practices for Data on the Web:

Announcement of publication for PR: