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My OvertheAir keynote: Trump, Brexit and us as developers

I gave the opening keynote at OvertheAir yesterday, covering President-elect Trump, Brexit and what it all means for us as developers. Topics like:

  • Data protection laws. Will your app from London be able to handle users in another country? Or will you need to do something special to be compliant with their laws? Will it matter where you host data about your users?
  • The importance of informed and empowered users. We need to build services that make clear what data is going where. And I think we REALLY need to standardise private browsing mode. Everyone should know what it does when they turn it on… but it varies widely from browser to browser!
  • Keeping transactions secure. If everything depends on economic growth, and economic growth depends on secure, reliable transactions… Security and strong encryption will be crucial to our future.
  • Fake news. We (the web community) — well, we didn’t invent fake news. But we did create ways for it to be distributed on a mass scale. Therefore, we have some responsibility here — we should work towards fixing it.

There is still a lot that isn’t settled, on the political/governmental fronts, but it’s useful to keep an eye on the facts we have and the questions we’ll need answers to as things unfold. Lots to do ahead — and lots to build.

Photo by @documentally courtesy of Nexmo.

Photo of Hadley at a podium, in front of a slide that says State of the Web