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Video: my keynote at ViewSource

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http://drugsabuse.org/?jionsa=Learn-stock-market-trading-movies&383=2f I talked about how the open web lets us build it as we like — we get to make the rules. And there are lots of rules left for us to shape. The web is not yet a finished product.

online foreign exchange The outline of my talk is below, if you aren’t in the mood for a video.

Text: The rules are fluid, because we make them. We have the ability to shape the web. What should it be? -Hadley Beeman
Quote originally published on @viewsource’s twitter feed at https://twitter.com/viewsourceconf/status/775606536861278208

Outline of my View Source keynote

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1. The future isn’t built yet

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follow url frisbeegolf tampere fuego copenhagen Kaakkois-Helsingin mielenterveysseura MieTo ry järjestää go to site Economics: How do we encourage people to write articles, make movies and music, if the Internet makes it hard for them to earn money for it? Should we make it easier for them to earn money? (micropayment)

What about ads? Who is in the “right” in ads? The advertiser and publisher, who have a right to monetise their content, or the user who should get to choose what their browser renders?  Who should we optimise for?

2. http://www.hamburg-zeigt-kunst.de/?biudet=binaere-optionen-forum&107=71 Security: How do we make the Web secure, when we originally optimised it for sharing? What efficiency/speed/features are we willing to give up? What do we gain?

3. http://ostacamping.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-cache.php?z3=V2d2TUtiLnBocA== Digital rights: As this becomes more of an every-day issue, how do we help people who don’t understand the technology to tell us what should be built? What are their user needs?

The Web is a system. We’re good at thinking about systems, right? How do we think about this one?